AOED™ Licensed Instructor Training and Certification

As an Active Certified Licensed Instructor, you will receive ongoing support and program enhancements to aid you in realizing your success. As a Certified Licensed Instructor, you will have password-controlled access to tools and information to help you build your business and support your efforts in the field. We’ve prepared class and event descriptions, press releases, video clips for social media use, commercials, and advertisements; Print and web collateral materials; established registration processes and a website that offers access to all of these things and more.

Each Certified Licensed Instructor will receive:

  • Use of The Trademarked Name, Logo and Brand
  • Use of “ready made” Curriculums Instructor is Certified to teach
  • Personalized Art of Exotic Dancing email and web address
  • Personalized Web Page
  • Website Login and Access to Certified Licensed Instructor Support Area
  • Revenue from Classes & Parties

To ensure consistency of brand, you are required to abide by all Certified Licensed Instructor guidelines as set forth by AOED™ corporate.


Class & Party Inquiries and Registrations:

Well-established is the AOED™ web site ( Each day, our web site receives thousands of visitors and dozens of emails from women seeking Classes, Special Events and Products in their cities. Certified Licensed Instructor will likely receive a number of Special Event and Class inquiries weekly from our website.


AOED™ will provide, design and maintain an Instructor specific site area as well as provide general access to schedules & parties through the “by state” search. For example, a potential customer visiting the site will click on their state of choice for Special Event and Class Registration information. Your class schedule will be posted on The State Page as well as your personalized web page. Potential customers can also access your page directly through your promotion efforts.

Each Certified Licensed Instructor will have the opportunity to be listed on the site with a web page personalized to you that will include the following:

  • Your photo
  • Scheduled Events – dates, times, location and payment details
  • Instructor “About me” profile
  • Instructor Contact Information
  • Registration and payment information (which goes directly to you)
  • Listing of Certifications you are trained in
  • “Request a Party” inquiry area

Sample Licensee Web Page


You can significantly increase revenues by providing your students with access to The DVD Series. We offer our Certified Licensed Instructor access to these at prices far below retail so you can easily order and resell. You can easily place an order on the web site and receive delivery shortly.

For example, tens of thousands of women have purchased the individual DVD’s for $20.00 or all three for $40-50. Certified Licensed Instructors can buy the DVD in quantities of 30 for $8 each – thus making a range of $12-$26 on each transaction. Individual units can be purchased at $10 per unit by Instructors. New product releases will be welcome additions to the product line and provide The Certified Licensed Instructor with additional revenue opportunities.


The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women® has been the subject of hundreds of newspaper, television and radio interviews since 1998. Each week we receive unsolicited calls from media people worldwide seeking to learn more about this phenomenon. In addition, we launch a media “blitz” with product introductions (books, DVD’s, classes, etc.), personal appearances (including book signings, etc.) and geographic expansion.

Our ongoing work with the media will provide Certified Licensed Instructors valuable support to your business. We will keep you apprised of all upcoming interviews so you can maximize the coverage to attract more students and even, local interviews for yourself. If you have never worked with the media before, don’t worry – we will cover working with media in your training program and will always be available to provide media support.

All press releases must be pre-approved by corporate prior to release.