AOED Licensed Instructor Training and Certification
AOED Licensed Instructor Training
Since 1998, The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women® (AOED) has helped hundreds of thousands of women transform themselves. Seeking, finding and building upon their personal power within, these women have credited this experience with enabling them to enhance all aspects of their lives and their relationships with others.

Each day, our web site receives email requests for Classes, DVD’s and Special Events worldwide – from Los Angeles to Iowa to New York to London and beyond – women are seeking this experience as well as additional information to further develop, express and celebrate their inner selves.

As a Certified Licensed AOED Instructor you will have the knowledge, brand and public awareness to assist us in reaching as many women as possible to share with them this amazing transformative experience. Our focus is on supporting your efforts in the field so that you can succeed in impacting women on what this experience and brand is really about!

The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women® is not a trend or a craze. It is an ancient enduring dance form combining a moving meditation and body language experience that can serve as a vehicle to personal empowerment.

Congratulations on your pursuit towards being added to our group of inspiring and dedicated women who are changing the lives of women everywhere.

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General Information

Thank you for interest in The Art of Exotic Dancing For Everyday Women Teacher Training. If you haven't already done so, it is a great idea to peruse the website to educate yourself on our brand and our mission. AOED Tube and The Newsroom on the left side of the homepage are excellent areas to give you an overview of the brand. From the menu bar, "classes" and "parties" are great areas to read the descriptions of the product line and what you would be training to teach. Additionally, you want to review the "training" area to understand the Teacher Training Program.

We look for women of all ages, shapes and backgrounds. We ask you to self-assess if you think you embody or have a willingness and openness to be trained on what it takes to be a great AOED Instructor. Some questions to ask yourself are...Can you lead a group of 10-20 women? Are you a natural leader or are you willing to be trained to lead? Are you willing to be authentically self-expressed? Are you able to create a safe supportive environment or are you willing to learn how to do that? If you answered yes on these questions, then AOED is for you!

Once you get Certified to teach our classes and parties at one of our Teacher Training Weekends, you then decide if you want to be an "on call" Instructor where we pay you as a subcontractor to teach or if you would like to teach and have it be your own business where you receive all the revenue for classes and parties for a nominal monthly licensing fee. The licensing fee gives you the right to use our brand name, offer our classes and parties as well as utilize your own web page we create for you within our site where you can post your class schedule and book parties. There is a business overview portion of the training weekend where we review both options in detail. Feel free to call with questions if you would like this information prior to attending training.

Teacher Training Weekends occur 3-4 times per year at the company's homebase in suburban Philadelphia. If you have 6 or more Certifications booked we will come to you. This can be 6 people training on Core or 3 people training on Core and Chair or any other combination totaling 6 Certifications. If you provide the location, we only require 5 Certifications to come to you. Training includes 3 elements 1) the teacher training manual you study throughout the weekend 2) 6 hours of dance class which includes The Signature Workshop, ChairMoves and Themes & Props (this portion is The Exotic Journey which is also open to the public) 3) all day practice delivering the material with coaching. If you have any questions as you review things or if you would like to register over the phone or set up a payment schedule, please call 610-356-1051. You may also register directly from the training page by selecting your training weekend. Once your registration is received, you will receive a confirmation receipt that includes travel logistics such as hotel information (which includes our corporate discount of $119 per night including breakfast) as well as transportation information for out of town guests. Registrations are non-refundable yet 100% transferrable to other sessions, classes or private parties.

If you find you aren't quite ready to dive into the training but want to come check things out, we recommend attending the dance portion which is open to the general public. This portion is called The Exotic Journey and includes 6 hours of dance (The Signature Workshop, ChairMoves and Themes & Props). The full description and schedule can be found under the "signature" tab from the homepage menu bar. This is also great for a friend who may want to attend with you while you do the full training, she can join you for the dance portion.

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