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Year of Birth: 1970


Book: An old one - Love by Leo Buscaglia...A new one for me... The Alchemist. Under the Tuscan Sun & Bella Tuscany because it envigorates all my senses and brings me to Italy within seconds.
Movie: Bridges of Madison County
Food: Sushi
Place: On the's warm, it's wet, it's somewhere that ancient, yet modern, somewhere that I can be alone or in company, it can be fun or's home for a me...a Pisces at heart!
Color: All...when I think of colors...I think of bright stained's so hard to choose just one or two!

Hobbies and Interests:

...Rollerblading along West River and Kelly Drives in Philadelphia, kickboxing and the Martial Arts, meeting new people...and introducing them to others...I love to watch how my friends and acquaintance connect with one another...somehow, somewhere in the big crazy world...and one of my favorite ways to do this is through...

...Dining! I'm Italian! Of course I love to eat! Especially in the the company of family and good friends...I take after my dad in that way...They don't call him Banchetto (Little Banquet) in his hometown for nothing!

...And then there's dancing...I remember a film of me when I could just barely walk...and I was dancing...I grew up dancing...from lessons in my ballet slippers, to shaking it in my parents' basement, to partying at the clubs, to Latin Dancing at Brasil's, to Exotic Dancing...Dancing has also been a part of my life...

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