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Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Hobbies & Interests: Traveling, reading, exploring new things in life!


70's - Cooley High
80's - Rain Man
90's - Friday, Rush Hour
2000 - Gladiator

Food: Chicken wings
Candy: Twizzlers

Why did you originally take the "Art of Exotic Dancing" class?

I took Art of Exotic Dancing for fun. My sister and I took the class together - just to see what the class would be all about.

What did you like best about your experiences with "The Art of Exotic Dancing" class and video?

Learning more about the other women in the video. They had so much to share about themselves, which in turn helped me to grow. I learned to connect with the other women by knowing that they were not going to judge me in any way, but only learn from this experience we shared.

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