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Year of Birth: 1942
Place: Philadelphia, PA

Occupation: Artist/Teacher

Hobbies & Interests:

Gardening, singing, biking, square dancing, camping, reading, movies, theatre, yoga, weight training, cooking, eating, laughing


Book with most profound impact: Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav
Movie: Wizard of Oz
Food: Foooood! (with the exception of raw wiggly ocean things)
Place: Ocean/beach
Color: All of them - I love rainbows!

Why did you originally take the "Art of Exotic Dancing" class?

I was carrying around old baggage of fear, shame. The whole concept of this class terrified me and at the same time I was overwhelmingly curious. So that was the signal to Just Do It !!! I can't begin to tell you how absolutely grateful I am to the instructor, Leah, Tim and all the women that I have met through class.

What did you like best about your experiences with "The Art of Exotic Dancing" class and video?

...Facing my fears, self-doubts

...Giving myself permission to move my body sensually

...Giving myself permission to feel the joy of it all

...The wonderous people who have been "gathered" to do this video

...For me it has been one more precious piece of this awesome journey I'm on

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