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Year of Birth: 1947
Place: Waldwick, New Jersey

Occupation: Customer Service


Books: I have many books that are my favorites but two books that had a profound effect on my journey in life are the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukar.
Movies: Officer and a Gentleman, action movies and mysteries.
Food: Chocolate
Place: My home and the beach
Color: Periwinkle Blue to Purple and any bright color

Hobbies & Interests:

Reading, Tennis, Skiing, Fitness, Cooking, Traveling and Dancing

Why did you originally take the "Art of Exotic Dancing" class?

After reading the description of "The Art of Exotic Dancing" in the Learning Studio catalog, I felt it would help me to be more comfortable with myself and to be more at ease while dancing. I also just wanted to try something more daring than I've ever tried before. To strengthen and reconnect with the exciting woman in me, who was a little lost. I wanted to feel sexy.

What did you like best about your experiences with "The Art of Exotic Dancing" class and video?

What I came away with from the class was a lot more than I had anticipated. I learned how to allow my body to dance to the music - feeling free, less inhibited and confident in myself. I learned to reconnect with the child in me and have fun. The confidence I gained made me realize it doesn't matter what people think; it is what I am comfortable doing and being that matters. The camaraderie with the other women was wonderful. We learned not to be competitive with each other but to compliment. Our vulnerabilities were openly identified and shared in a safe environment and lasting friendships were built. The gals are everyday women from all walks of life and all ages and we all shared a common goal, to feel better about ourselves, to gain self-confidence, self-esteem and reconnect with the feminine person within.

This class is not just another dance class: this class reaches the soul. I felt enjoyment as the other women's self-confidence grew and the sparkle in their whole being changed. The positive energy they gave off was contagious. The transformation that took place on the inside of each woman radiated to the outside and everyone around. I feel so lucky to have been part of this video and the entire experience.

Other Comments:

As I approached fifty several years ago, I must admit, I was worried about getting old. The advice I received from other women at the time was that I had to start acting my age. I needed to start looking and acting my age. OLD! That frightened my greatly! I was not ready to get old; turning fifty was fine, but not old. "The Art of Exotic Dancing" reconnected me with life. I have learned that I still can be sensuous and sexy over fifty. That goes for all of you too!

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